Driopi Estate is a new venture led by the famous wine producer Yannis Tselepos where the focus is to produce world class wines from the indigenous varietal Agiorgitiko.

The semi-mountainous commune in the area of Nemea (Appelation of Origin) was selected for this new venture. This region is characterized by grapes of outstanding quality and potential, a hallmark of creating age-worthy wines.

The estate is located at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level and thanks to the many hills of the area, excellent drainage is achieved. The soil is composed of clay. Fruthermore, due to its geographical position, the vineyard receives a maximum amount of sunshine however benefiting from cool Northern winds protecting the vines from the summer heat.

The Agiorgitiko grape varietal is one of the noblest and most important Greek red grape varietal, indigenous to the Corinth county, widely planted and excellent in vineyards across Nemea. This grape varietal was named after a former name of the region "Aghios Gheorghios" (Saint-George). It's a varietal famous for crafting powerful and complex red wines and is also called "Blood of Hercules" due to its deep, red colour and to the fact that the homonymous Ancient Greek Hero excelled in the region.

wines by Driopi


Ktima Driopi Nemea Reserve


Ktima Driopi Nemea Rosé


Ktima Driopi Nemea