Canava Chrissou Tselepos

Yiannis Tselepos and Chryssou family, with their vineyards of 12 hectares in Pyrgos and Emporio, are the ones behind this wine. This mutual project wants to develop those vineyards to produce higher quality grapes.

Yiannis Tselepos, taking another challenge in Santorini, wants to introduce another PDO region, like he did in Mantinia and Nemea, with his vineyards and wineries. The challenge of this project is because of the differentiation of the Santorini soil, vines and microclimate. And it can be achieved only because of the Chyssou family vineyards, which express the authentic characteristics of Santorini.

The revival, with traditional methods , this 50 - 100 years old vines started with the 2013 harvest. The very small yield, of 1300 kg per hectare, will be raised year by year to 4000 kg per hectare in order to have sustainable cultivation. The target is to produce only super premium wines, which reflects the special characteristics of Santorini. The goal is to show the wine market that Santorini wines, are a special category, which produces wines of the higher value.

wines by Canava Chrissou Tselepos


Canava Chrissou Tselepos Santorini