Vouni Panayia Woman in the Wine Press


Woman in the Wine Press

Tasting Notes

Pale lemon green color and bright acidity. Elegant bouquet of apricot, peach and some herbal notes with a finely textured and super mineral finish.

Food Pairing

Ideal companion for seafood, grilled vegetables, fish, and fresh or salty cheeses

ABV: 13%

Grapes: 100% Morokanella

Domaine Katsaros.jpg

Winemaker: Yiannis Kyriakidis

An incredible winery that began in 1987 that focuses on growing ungrafted vines from Cypriot grape varieties, highlighting the exceptional character of the area’s unique terrier. This winery is found in one of Europe’s highest elevation areas of 1150m. A pioneer winery that blends tradition with innovation and experience with knowledge, showcasing select indigenous grape varieties that carry all the distinct characteristics of the region.

For more information on purchasing this wine, please contact Andreas Zinelis at azinelis@cavaspiliadis.com.

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Vouni Panayia Woman in the Wine Press


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