Venetsanos Winery Anagallis



Tasting Notes

A nose full of charming pomegranate aromas, with distinctive hints of rose, wild strawberry, and cherry.

Food Pairing

Pasta with seafood, fried shrimp with feta cheese, and red-hot sauce

ABV: 13%

Grapes: 30% Assyrtiko 50% Aidani 20% Mandilaria

Domaine Katsaros.jpg

Built in 1947 by acclaimed oenologist and architect George Venetsanos, the Venetsanos winery is one of the oldest on the island. Its current winemaker, Ionna Vamvakouri, is the only female owner, winery director and winemaker on the island having spent years proving herself in a male dominated industry. Today she produces exceptional quality wines for the Venetsanos winery and is widely recognised as one of Santorini’s premier winemakers. She chooses to make each of her labels from single parcels unlike any of the other wineries on the island – Venetsanos is as unique and groundbreaking today as it was in 1947.

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